Palmwars is a version of the classic BBC Micro strategy game Mabwar. I am unsure who to attribute Mabwar to, as the version I have played has no copyright or contact information!

The basic aim is to grow your armies and wipe out the other players - it's as simple as that!

The game takes place on a grid of inter-linked 'stars'. Each star can be occupied by only one player and can contain up to nine of that player's armies. Players take it in turn to move from star to star, but may only move to stars which have a line linking them together.

Players start with five armies each, but armies multiply according to the following rule: Each star which is linked to two or more of the same player's stars will gain an extra army at the beginning of each turn.

Play continues until only one player remains.


  Set up game options
  • When you start the Palmwars game from the application launcher, you'll be shown this screen.
  • From here, select the number of players and enter their names in the appropriate fields.
  • Tick 'With Palm' to have the computer play also.
  • Select 'Choose sector’ to pick a game grid.
  Choose sector
  • The next screen allows you to chose the sector to play on.
  • Select a sector from the drop down menu.
  • The sector map will be shown underneath.
  • When you are happy, click ‘Begin’.
  Beginning the game
  • The sector grid will be drawn and each player will be prompted in turn for the star they wish to start on.
  • Tap the stylus on a star to select it as the start star. Five armies will be placed on it.
  • After all the players have taken a turn, Palm (if the computer is playing) will place his start armies.
  • At the beginning of each turn, the game will randomly chose a player to go first.
  • Each player gets two moves each turn, but it is possible to have four in a row if a player is the last to go on one turn, but the first on the next.
  • To move, tap the stylus on the star to move from, then the star to move to. A window will pop up asking how many armies to move. Select a number, then tap 'Move'.
  • If the star being moved to is unoccupied, the armies will move with no resistance. If it is occupied by another player, a battle will take place.
  • The game ends when there is only one player left.


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